You can order blood urine, stool tests at the convenience of your home. Our trained phlebotomists will visit your home with required kits. Once the test is completed you can log on to our website and access results of your test. Your records are stored on our servers so that it can be accessed by you anytime for personal purpose. With us you can maintain your medical records safely.

Blood Test

We often view blood tests as the best way to get a closer look at overall health--and that's because, when running the right basic labs, a blood test can be very efficient and very telling.

Home collection Services

The laboratory provides home collection service for patients who cannot come to the laboratory.

Accurate Report Services

Performance of tests, interpretation of data and reporting of results in sub-specialties with high interpretative content, e.g. Hematology, Coagulation and Flow Cytometry require professional inputs of the highest quality and competence


Cytology is most often used as a screening tool to look for disease and to decide whether or not more tests need to be performed. An example of screening would be the investigation of a breast lump.


Histopathology (or histology) involves the examination of sampled whole tissues under the microscope. Three main types of specimen are received by the pathology laboratory.

Critical Values Alert

Critical laboratory values may be described as those that signifies an immediate, life-threatening situation for the patient that require immediate medical intervention. We are commited to provides the critical values to your treating doctors immediately wiht in short span of time.